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Brian & Judy Tolliver Pastor Brian and Judy Tolliver have both served Christ for the last 20+ years.  They met at Calvary Temple of Indianapolis in 1989 and married March 19, 1993.

Early on, both became involved in the drama/fine arts ministry where Pastor Brian acted in various roles and sang in the choir and praise team. Judy, having had a background in community theatre, was involved in various facets of the fine arts ministry from make-up, props, set design and construction, to eventually settling into a more permanent role as a writer/co-writer/director of productions.  As she developed her team, many of the same people would continue to be involved in the drama ministry as well as seeing continued growth with the addition of new faces with each new production.

They also began teaching inner-city youth at The Caring Place ministry for Pastor Chad Temple soon after coming to Calvary Temple. The presence of teens from rival gang areas made this ministry a challenge, but fruit in this ministry did come forth. Pastor Brian also taught/co-taught various Sunday School classes over the years as well as he and Judy spending the last seven years as Lay-Pastors with a group of twenty to thirty regularly meeting in their home.

Whenever possible, Pastor Brian and Judy would be involved with the annual Thanksgiving food distribution at The Caring Place, with Judy, especially, also being involved heavily with the Caring Place Christmas store.

Pastor Brian and Judy are looking forward to the next 20+ years (or more) of ministry with Pastor Perry, Melissa and Church52.

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